We Are All Friends

When a show is on air for about ten years and then in syndication for about the same amount of time, you get to know it pretty well even if you don’t watch it much or stopped watching. And you might even know more than you know about all those seasons you thought you didn’t watch. Here, “you” means “me” and the show is Friends.

Basically, I knew that Monica’s midnight mystery man was Ross, and Ross was like, You were the girl under the pile of coats? And Monica was like, I was the pile of coats!

I don’t know what else happens in that episode or what season that’s from, but that’s the way my Friends knowledge works. In addition to this wealth of knowledge, I put the team together because that’s my job. Putting the team together.

S and B have better Friends knowledge. They know names of girlfriends and boyfriends and bosses. And we all found out that Rachel has a lot of parties thrown for her. We found all this out at Friends trivia at Sip This.

After every question, S kept a tally of which teams were doing better than other teams because that would mean we were doing better or worse than other teams. We weren’t in first, though. Then came the written portion. I’m really good at the written portion in that I can write things down. We filled out all the answers for which actors played which not-main characters and handed that in confidently. That’s when the tally no longer could be kept. Who knew what other teams wrote? Though from the looks of it, everyone probably got everything right. I would have preferred a Who Said This Quote. Take note for next time, Trivia People. Ooh, or just do a night of Quote Trivia. That could be either really easy or near impossible, both of which give me a good chance of winning and coming in last all at once.


One of many correct answers

We also found out that everyone at Friends trivia knows a lot about Friends. Like everything there is to know. Or almost everything. The winning team scored like 104 out of 105 points, and the second place team scored like 103. We came in 4th place with 94 points. See? Everyone knew almost everything. Thanks, TBS. This is all your fault. But in a good way.