Interviews & Write-Ups

Interview with Queens Gazette, January 2023:

Interview with Jim Harrington about The Nassau Review on December 16, 2022: Six Questions For . . .: Six Questions for Christina M. Rau, Editor-in-Chief/Poetry Editor, The Nassau Review

Featured poet for the Colored Colors Newsletter. May 2022.

Conversations With Speculative Poets: Christina M. Rau.” An Interview by T. D. Walker. Luna Station Quarterly. May 29, 2019. (This interview originally ran on Free Thinking).

Lynbrook Author’s Book Wins Sci-Fi Award.” The Herald. October 11, 2018. — A write up about Liberating The Astronauts winning the Elgin Award.

A review of Liberating The Astronauts appears in Strange Horizons. I think it’s pretty A-Okay. What say you? Read it here.

An article about WakeBreatheMove in Long Island Pulse Magazine.