Poet In Residence at Cedarmere Week 1

How grateful am I for the opportunity to spend my days at Cedarmere, to come and go as I please, to take in the gardens and the harbor, to write and practice yoga, to chat with passersby, to sit in silence in William Cullen Bryant’s Library, to feel the history of a place, and to be in the immediate moments of now. I kinda wanna live there forever. While that’s not an option (right now!), I’m fortunate to have another week on the way. Here are some microblogs of what’s unfolded leading up to and then throughout my first week as the Friends of Cedarmere’s first Poet In Residence.

Cover Reveal: What We Do To Make Us Whole

I sent a slew of ideas to my editor. He said while they were all interesting, this one is the best fit. I didn’t take this picture thinking about this book, at least not consciously. Now here it is, exactly how it should be.

What We Do To Make Us Whole will be available from Alien Buddha Press 12/31/21.

Celebratory Book Launch By Day: 1/16/22

Celebratory Book Launch After Dark: TBA

Here’s a tiny bit of poetry from the collection:

Dead Reckoning
There’s good and then there’s me.
There’s good and then there’s you.
There’s good and then there’s us,
Together, making no sense, nonsense,
Making a mess, together,
Falling apart fast.