Architecture Is My Bag

Architecture is so my bag that I wasn’t even sure if I was spelling architecture right. I’m as much of an architect as George Costanza. I admire anyone who can figure out how to build anything, so if someone can build a building and have it not fall down, I admire that someone. All this means that I have no idea how I won two tickets to the Architecture Design Show. Tickets run about $30, and I got two for free. Free. That’s one of my favorite words.

So SD and I met up at Pier 94, an indoor sprawl of showroom. We walked. We admired. We opened and closed things. I signed up for free stuff. We found fireplaces. We found wine fridges. We witnessed a couch turn into a bed and a coffee table turn into a regular table. As opposed to an irregular table. I’m not only an architect, but I’m clearly an interior designer, too.

There were fixtures that wouldn’t even fit into my house. There was artwork that had fossils that cost more than my car. SD asked me, Who comes to things like this? And my answer was simple, Designers and rich people. AND people who win free stuff. We can all figure out in which category I fall.

After roaming through a vast amount of square footage, we took an Uber (my first!) to a thai place and ate good thai food, something I don’t eat often so it was a delight!


And then because I was in NYC, I found some gems that made me smile, and these days, every smile means so much.


SD asked, Do you think they meant poet? I answered, Maybe but probably not.



I’m happy I got in this picture.