Big Day Bootcamp

Plans to get you ready for the big day — whatever your big day may be!

If you have a big day in your life coming up and you think getting your wellness on would make it even better, then let’s make a fitness plan! These plans are designed to get you feeling motivated and energized. We’ll focus on wellness and positivity instead of numbers.

Choose a four week or six week plan.

Choose your frequency for yoga: once or twice a week

Choose your location: virtual, in your home, outdoors, or in studio

Choose one on one or small group sessions

Add in or opt out of meditation and reiki sessions

Add in or opt out of on-your-own workout suggestions

Opt in or out of receiving at least three motivational messages throughout the week (no charge for these if you include them!)

Contact me to chat about how I can best serve you to get ready for your big day.