Announcement: What We Do To Make Us Whole, my newest poetry collection, is forthcoming from Alien Buddha Press!

[Closed captioned on YouTube here: ]

lib cover elginRead about how Liberating The Astronauts won the SFPA Elgin Award here and here.
Thanks to the wonderful SFPA poets and poetry readers everywhere!

To purchase directly from me, Venmo me (christinamrau or use the QR below). Include the title you are ordering and your home address so I know where to ship the book (and some other fun stuff for free!).

MyVenmoQRCodePricing: Liberating The Astronauts $15 and WakeBreatheMove $15
Plus Shipping: $3
For The Girls, I Currently unavailable–please purchase through the press: Dancing Girl Press.

If you don’t want to use Venmo, email me and we’ll figure it all out.