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Babylon Village Arts Council Poetry Series January 2021

Destinies: The Voice Of Science Fiction Radio Show with Dr. Howard Margolin now features poetry by me!
April 2, 2021:
February 26, 2021:
February 19, 2021:.
January 29, 2021:
December 18, 2020:
December 11, 2020:
November 6, 2020:

Truth To Power with Vijay R. Nathan and Bruce Whitacre on Radio Free Brooklyn interviewed me. Listen to a chat about poetry, Buddhism, and getting through strange strange days. Look in the archive list for Episode 139: Liberating Poetry: 
Here’s the podcast on Apple Podcasts:

My Walt Whitman Birthplace Association Poet Of The Year Virtual Reading:

My Official Voice Talent Page is live. Go here:

Podcast Guesting:
The Sleeper Hit Podcast, Episode 49
The Dear Mattie Show, Episode 95

“Kepler’s Laws” video from the Visible Poetry Project

Trailer for Liberating The Astronauts

“How To Be A Member” from Smalls Jazz Club

“Call to the Microcosm” a collaborative poem put together by Melissa Marie Imagery.