As a long-time writer, English professor, and literary journal editor, I can help writers fulfill their writing potential.

Types Of Writing Edited

Creative writing: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, manuscripts, collections, or single pieces
Academic writing: essays, reports, manuscripts, collections, or single pieces
Career writing: resumes, cover letter, web content
Some good advice for resumes to get yourself started

Services Offered

Heavy copy editing: in-depth reading with changes and corrections line by line plus stylistic suggestions and internal organization
— usually for work in early stages or for writers just starting out

Light copy editing: in-depth reading with changes and corrections suggested
–usually for work in late stages or for seasoned writers

Either editing option with organization: editing as explained above plus overall order of information
— this option is not a layout or design option; it is for organizing content only

Proofreading: line by line correction of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and all other language-based errors
— usually for work in final stages or for anyone who needs a second pair of eyes on a written piece

* For resumes and cover letters, I can also start from scratch with given information.

If you’re not sure what you need, I’m happy to work with you to figure it out. I’ll usually ask for a sample of your piece to assist in selecting a service and for pricing.

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Harriet Slaughter’s Ars Poetica: Sights and Words of a Life — copy editor
Andrew Kahn’s How To Be A Peaceful Presence — editor