As a long-time writer, English professor, and literary journal editor, I can help writers fulfill their writing potential.

Types Of Writing Edited

Creative writing: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, manuscripts, collections, or single pieces
Academic writing: essays, reports, manuscripts, collections, or single pieces
Career writing: resumes, cover letter, web content
Some good advice for resumes to get yourself started

Editing Services Offered / Estimated Fees

Basic Copy Editing: 5-10 pgs/hr = $30-40/hr
Heavy Copy Editing: 2-5 pgs/hr = $40-50/hr
Developmental Editing: 1-5 pgs/hr = $45-55/hr
Substantive/Line Editing: 1-6 pgs/hr = $50-60/hr
Website Copy Editing: $40-50/hr
Proofreading: 9-13 pgs/hr = $30-40/hr

Writing Services Offered / Estimated Fees

Cover Letter / Resumes: $40-50/hr
Articles/Blog Posts: $40-100/hr – or – .20-.50/wd – or – negotiable per project

*Note: The industry standard for a ms page is 250 words of prose.

*Note: You can find the industry standard definitions for the services above here.

If you’re not sure what you need, I’m happy to work with you to figure it out. I’ll usually ask for a sample of your piece to assist in selecting a service and for pricing.

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Harriet Slaughter’s Ars Poetica: Sights and Words of a Life — copy editor
Andrew Kahn’s How To Be A Peaceful Presence — editor